Deconstruct / Reconstruct - An Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery

This exhibition ran at Sidespace Gallery - Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, from
Tuesday March 1st - Sunday March 6.

"Rengin Guner, Tanja von Behrens and Jacqui Renton are resident artists at Salamanca Arts Centre - having shared a studio there since 2012.

Reconstruct / Deconstruct is their first full collaborative show.

Investigating elements of change, and the inevitable deconstruction and reconstruction of the world around us - either by human intervention, or as a natural consequence of time and nature - each Jeweller has embraced the opportunity to experiment with previously unexplored concepts, techniques and materials - expanding on their current practice.

This exploration has led to an exhibition that includes the use of a broad range of materials - including raw diamonds, leather, brass, sterling silver, peacock feathers, stones, pearls and plastics."

Now finished, this show has led to a number of ideas for potential production work.