Captain Cook Crescent Earrings

If I was a big fan of Cricket, Manuka Oval - on the corner of Captain Cook Crescent and Canberra St's (the bottom left corner on this earring graphic) - would probably be the place in Canberra to be.

Much of my prep time in Canberra before FASHFEST 2015 was spent at East Hotel. It felt incredibly strange to be working on my pieces for the Canberra collection, while sitting in a hotel right next to one of the roads depicted in my work. Having created the entire body of work from my studio in Tassie, all of a sudden I was in the world I had depicted in my designs - driving the streets, and walking down them.

Places and experiences have a real ability to embed themselves in our memories.

Brushed Sterling Silver with a butterfly back - these earrings hang 5.5cm below the ear. The main feature graphic hangs along the side of the face, with the graphic facing outwards.

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